Release notes

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Technical task

  • [PUBDEV-3695] - Documentation: Add GLM to list of algorithms that support MOJOs
  • [PUBDEV-3791] - Documentation: Add quasibinomomial family in GLM


  • [PUBDEV-3291] - Summary() doesn't update stats values when asfactor() is applied
  • [PUBDEV-3498] - rectangular assign to a categorical column does not work (should be possible to assign either an existing level, or a new one)
  • [PUBDEV-3618] - Numerical Column Names in H2O and R
  • [PUBDEV-3690] - pred_noise_bandwidth parameter is not reproducible with seed
  • [PUBDEV-3723] - Fix mktime() referencing from 0 base to 1 base for month and day
  • [PUBDEV-3728] - Binary loss functions return error in GLRM
  • [PUBDEV-3747] - python hist() plotted bars overlap
  • [PUBDEV-3750] - Python set_levels doesn't change other methods
  • [PUBDEV-3753] - h2o doc: glm grid search hyper parameters missing/incorrect listing. Presently glrm's is marked as glm's
  • [PUBDEV-3764] - Partial Plot incorrectly calculates for constant categorical column
  • [PUBDEV-3778] - h2o.proj_archetypes returns error if constant column is dropped in GLRM model
  • [PUBDEV-3788] - GLRM loss by col produces error if constant columns are dropped
  • [PUBDEV-3796] - isna() overwrites column names
  • [PUBDEV-3812] - NullPointerException with Quantile GBM, cross validation, & sample_rate < 1
  • [PUBDEV-3819] - R h2o.download_mojo broken - writes a 1 byte file
  • [PUBDEV-3831] - Seed definition incorrect in R API for RF, GBM, GLM, NB
  • [PUBDEV-3834] - h2o.glm: get AIOOB exception with xval and lambda search

New Feature

  • [PUBDEV-3482] - Supporting GLM binomial model to allow two arbitrary integer values
  • [PUBDEV-3501] - Variance metrics are missing from GLRM that are available in PCA
  • [PUBDEV-3541] - py h2o.as_list() should not return headers
  • [PUBDEV-3715] - Modify sum() calculation to work on rows or columns
  • [PUBDEV-3737] - StackedEnsemble: make sure that the generated R bindings work
  • [PUBDEV-3833] - Add HDP 2.5 Support



  • [PUBDEV-3012] - Remove grid.sort_by method in Python API
  • [PUBDEV-3676] - Add SLURM cluster documentation
  • [PUBDEV-3692] - Add memory check for GLRM before proceeding
  • [PUBDEV-3765] - Check to make sure hinge loss works for GLRM
  • [PUBDEV-3803] - Add parameters from _upload_python_object to H2OFrame constructor
  • [PUBDEV-3804] - Refer to .h2o.jar.env when detaching R package
  • [PUBDEV-3805] - Call on proper port when exiting R/detaching package
  • [PUBDEV-3806] - Modify search for config file in R api
  • [PUBDEV-3818] - properly handle url in R docs from autogen


  • [PUBDEV-3256] - Documentation: As a GLM user, I want to be able to better understand the parameters
  • [PUBDEV-3758] - Fix bad/inconsistent/empty categorical (bitset) splits for DRF/GBM
  • [PUBDEV-3793] - Auto-generate R bindings

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