Release notes

Release Notes - SW - Version 2.0.3 - HTML format


  • [SW-152] - ClassNotFound with spark-submit
  • [SW-266] - H2OContext shouldn't be Serializable
  • [SW-276] - ClassLoading issue when running code using SparkSubmit
  • [SW-281] - Update sparkling water tests so they use correct frame locking
  • [SW-283] - Set spark.sql.warehouse.dir explicitly in tests because of SPARK-17810
  • [SW-284] - Fix CraigsListJobTitlesApp to use local file instead of trying to get one from hdfs
  • [SW-285] - Disable timeline service also in python integration tests
  • [SW-286] - Add missing test in pysparkling for conversion RDD[Double] -> H2OFrame
  • [SW-287] - Fix bug in SparkDataFrame converter where key wasn't random if not specified
  • [SW-288] - Improve performance of Dataset tests and call super.afterAll
  • [SW-289] - Fix PySparkling numeric handling during conversions
  • [SW-290] - Fixes and improvements of task used to extended h2o jars by sparkling-water classes
  • [SW-292] - Fix ScalaCodeHandlerTestSuite

New Feature

  • [SW-178] - Allow external h2o cluster to act as h2o backend in Sparkling Water


  • [SW-282] - Integrate SW with H2O ( Support for external cluster )
  • [SW-291] - Use absolute value for random number in sparkling-water in internal backend
  • [SW-295] - H2OConf should be parameterized by SparkConf and not by SparkContext

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